How To Prepare Antique Furniture For Storage

Antique furniture is unique in that it often holds a great deal of monetary value in addition to the sentimental value. However, like all pieces of furniture, antiques can take up a great deal of living space in your room. If you want to free up some room, you may want to consider putting your collection of antique furniture in a self-storage unit. However, before you do so, it's important that you adequately prepare your furniture to ensure that it does not become damaged and lose its value while in storage.

Tips To Make Your International Move As Stress-Free As You Can

If you're moving overseas, the uncertainty of a new country can be intimidating. Once you've secured the moving company to help you pack and get everything where it's going, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to settle in. There are many small details to consider, and it's easy to lose sight of the big things in the midst of them. Here are a few tips to help you simplify your international move.

3 Essential Mover Contracts And Paperwork

Hiring a moving company can make your move fast and hassle-free. The process often involves a few contracts to ensure that you and the mover agree on everything from total cost to the date of the move. While contractual agreements can feel a little intimidating, you can be more at ease when you know exactly what type of paperwork will be involved when hiring movers. Here is a look at 3 mover contracts and what they mean, which will help you have a smooth and successful move.

Lower Your Self-Storage Bill With These Three Strategies

If there's a self-storage facility a short drive from your home, you can benefit by renting a storage unit in a number of ways. Having this additional storage space can help you make your home less packed with items and increase the ease with which you find things. When you're ready to begin the process of finding a storage facility that suits your needs, it's useful to visit a few different facilities, like Santa Monica Mini Storage and other locations, to compare their facilities and their rates.

Keep Your Storage Secure With The Right Type Of Lock

When it comes to the security of a storage unit, one of the most important factors is the lock. It doesn't matter how well-maintained or secure the storage facility is; if you fail to install an appropriate lock for your unit, you could be putting your belongings at risk. Disc Locks One of the more popular storage unit locks are disc locks. This option is sometimes considered the most secure option.

2 Main Materials To Consider For Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets

When it comes to storage cabinets, making the right choice on materials is a tough task. Depending on your geographical location, your budget, and your time requirements, different materials may work better than others. Therefore, this article presents two common materials you may want to consider for your heavy duty cabinets: Metal Most metal cabinets are made from aluminum, medium grade steel, or high grade steel. Of course, each of these varieties will provide you with something different.

3 Benefits Of Hiring An Out Of State Moving Company

Moving to a different state can be a very tough task to complete, especially if you have multiple vehicles,  own a lot of valuable items, and are in a time crunch. Well, rather than rent a truck yourself and do all of the physical work while having to worry about getting your vehicles to your new home, you will find it easiest and best to utilize services from an out of state moving company.

3 Tips For Storing Your Personal Belongings The Right Way

Regardless of whether you are moving to another area or simply running out of room in your current residence, storage units are a great way to give you the space you need in a short amount of time. However, there are a few things you need to consider when it comes time to rent a storage unit. Think about the items you are putting inside of the unit. One of the first things you need to do is stop and think about the items that you are planning on putting inside of the storage unit.

How To Plan A Christmas Away From Home

If you won't be staying home for Christmas this year, you may be experiencing mixed emotions. Part of you might be excited about things you'll see in a different town or city and part of you might be sad that you won't be surrounded by those traditional objects that you have grown to love. You also might be having apprehensive feelings about what to pack and how to relieve the pre-Christmas stress of gift shopping.

Preparing Your Kids For A Move Across The Country

In between packing, hiring a reliable moving company such as Wheaton World Wide Moving, researching new schools in your area and other important aspects of your move, it is important to pay attention to how your children are adjusting to the idea of moving. There are some things that you can do before and shortly after you move to make things a little easier on the younger members of the family.

3 Tips For Using A Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units provide an invaluable service for homeowners who need to store their items for a move or simply free up extra space in their home. If it is your first time using a self-storage unit, there are a few tips that can help you organize your belongings effectively and protect them from damage. Set Items on Pallets or Blocks If you live in an area with high rainfall or will be storing your items during the winter months, one of the most important things you can do to avoid water damage is to store them up off the floor.

3 Tips For Storing Your Artwork

Are you a painter who has a lot of artwork that you're waiting to sell? Or are you a collector who is running out of space? For anyone with a substantial number of pieces, storage usually becomes a necessity. However, storing artwork is totally different than storing furniture, clothing, or other household items. For one thing, paintings are especially sensitive to changes in temperature or climate. Too much heat, humidity, or cold could warp the painting or damage its appearance.

3 Organization Tips To Adopt When You Rent A Storage Unit

When you're faced with the reality that your home has too much clutter, a simple solution to your issue is to rent a unit at a storage facility. With access to this additional space, you can find a new home for the things you don't consistently use without going through the challenge of throwing things out. You can maximize the use of your storage unit by organizing both the contents and the space properly instead of just trying to load the unit as quickly as possible.

Moving Tips For Seniors

If you are tasked with moving and might not be in as good of physical shape as you once were, there is hope. Don't try to push yourself when it comes to moving if you are in your golden years, especially if this might be a long distance move. Here are four tips for seniors who are tasked with moving to a new home. 1. Hire on Professional Movers If you have always handled moving on your own, it might be time to hang up this badge of pride and hire on professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you.

Three Reasons Your Friend Should Hire Professional Movers

If you are that unlucky one in your circle of friends that owns a truck, you might get trapped into helping your friends move. There are actually some really good reasons your friends should opt for professional movers. Professional movers are packing up and moving people into new homes every day. If you help out your friends every so often, you and your friend aren't going to be the most efficient movers.

How Are Self Storage Units Beneficial To Homeowners?

With the usual busy schedules of summer, it is easy to let your housework get behind. When the weather is warm, most people prefer to be out enjoying the sunshine instead of inside cleaning their homes every day. As summer ends, it is not hard to suddenly feel overwhelmed with how much clutter has accumulated in your home. Fortunately, you can take control of the clutter by renting your own self storage unit.

Keeping Your Belongings Protected From Moisture While In Storage

If you are going to be placing some of your belongings into a storage unit, it is important to take precautions in the way you pack them before you house them so they do not become ruined from any moisture that may get inside the structure. Items that are in storage for a long time can suffer from rust, wood rot, corrosion, mildew or mold. To avoid these situations, properly packing your belongings will ensure they are safe while they are enclosed within your unit.