3 Essential Mover Contracts And Paperwork

Hiring a moving company can make your move fast and hassle-free. The process often involves a few contracts to ensure that you and the mover agree on everything from total cost to the date of the move. While contractual agreements can feel a little intimidating, you can be more at ease when you know exactly what type of paperwork will be involved when hiring movers. Here is a look at 3 mover contracts and what they mean, which will help you have a smooth and successful move.

Mover estimate

This is usually the first document a mover will provide to you after they visit your home and assess what the move will cost depending on various factors. Typically, a mover should charge a per hour rate for a short distance move and base the estimate on weight for a long distance move. Be sure to ask if there are any items that require special handling or additional charges such as elevator/staircase usage rates.

Knowing all the charges involved can help you save some money by removing some items from the moving list. Remember to insist on a copy of the estimate and to ask other essential questions about the move such as whether the estimate is binding or non-binding and if there are any subcontractors involved in handling your belongings.

Order of service

This is the actual contractual agreement between you and the moving company indicating that you have hired them to handle the move. The document provides all essential information you need to know about the move including the pick-up and estimated delivery date, type of truck to be used, insurance coverage, additional transfers and final cost estimate.

Be sure to read the order of service carefully and bring any disagreements you may have to the attention of the move supervisor so you can have ample time to negotiate the terms before the day of the move.

Bill of landing

This is a document that should typically be provided to you on moving day outlining your agreement to give the mover the right to move your belongings. Before signing the contract and allowing the move to start, go through it carefully so as to ensure that none of the terms agreed on initially have been altered, especially the list of fees for service and total cost of the move.

Any discrepancies should be smoothed out before you give the final go-ahead to the mover to commence service. You should also get a copy of this document, as it is your official record of the move. Contact a moving company, like Pals Moving Service, to get started.