Keeping Your Belongings Protected From Moisture While In Storage

If you are going to be placing some of your belongings into a storage unit, it is important to take precautions in the way you pack them before you house them so they do not become ruined from any moisture that may get inside the structure. Items that are in storage for a long time can suffer from rust, wood rot, corrosion, mildew or mold. To avoid these situations, properly packing your belongings will ensure they are safe while they are enclosed within your unit. Here are some tips to help you when packing your belongings so they do not suffer from humidity or water damage.

Paper Items

All items made from paper should be placed into air-tight plastic storage containers rather than in corrugated cardboard boxes. If a bit of humidity was to get into your unit, the cardboard structure would weaken and both the box and the materials within would become droopy and turn into a soft pulp. Consider placing paperwork into plastic bags before placing into plastic bins for even more protection from moisture.

Wood Furniture

When storing wooden furniture or other wooden items, you do not want to place them into plastic at all. If even a bead of water was present on the wood when it was placed into plastic, it would cause wood rot from being contained in an air-tight area. To avoid this, place your bigger furniture into furniture bags to protect them from moisture. These are breathable, but they have a protective layer that will keep water from getting inside the bag. The right moving supplies will keep these items in good repair.


Make sure you defrost your refrigerators and freezers before you place them into your storage unit. To help keep the interiors of your appliances dry, sprinkle a bit of baking soda inside of each to help absorb any moisture that may have been left behind. Keep the appliance doors open while in storage so if moisture was inside, it will have a chance to dry out and not cause molding or mildew to form.


Before storing metal items, such as tools, use a clean piece of cloth to rub them down with a bit of oil before placing into cardboard boxes or plastic storage containers. This oil will help keep the items from becoming rusted. If you do not have regular oil, vegetable oil will work as well.


When storing clothing, make sure all items are completely dry before placing in your unit. Dry the pieces for ten minutes before placing into a storage container to keep them from becoming mildewed. Place a small piece of cedar wood into each storage container to help grab moisture retained in the fibers of your clothing to help keep them dry as well. Your clothing will also smell fresh when you open the container.