Lower Your Self-Storage Bill With These Three Strategies

If there's a self-storage facility a short drive from your home, you can benefit by renting a storage unit in a number of ways. Having this additional storage space can help you make your home less packed with items and increase the ease with which you find things. When you're ready to begin the process of finding a storage facility that suits your needs, it's useful to visit a few different facilities, like Santa Monica Mini Storage and other locations, to compare their facilities and their rates. While you'll likely have no trouble finding a facility and a monthly fee that suit you, there are ways that you can ensure you get the lowest rental rate possible. Here are three ways to accomplish that goal.

Ask About Discounts For Long-Term Rentals

While each self-storage facility has a different fee structure, it's common for businesses to offer financial incentives to customers who plan to use the facility for the long term. Renting month to month is an approach many people take, but it's worthwhile to ask if you can get a reduced monthly rate for a long-term rental -- provided you're sure that you'll be using your storage space for at least a certain amount of time. Some businesses will drop your monthly rate while others will give you one month for free. Either way, you'll end up with more money saved by simply asking.

Decline Extra Unit Features

One of the benefits to storing your possessions at a self-storage facility is that many businesses can accommodate customers' storage needs through humidity-controlled units. If you're storing wooden furniture, for example, it's ideal to keep these items in a humidity-controlled environment to avoid the wood expanding or shrinking due to high humidity or lack thereof. However, if you aren't planning to store humidity-sensitive things, simply decline this option and ask for a base-level unit. Units that don't have this type of added feature will cost you less money per month.

Find A Facility In A Low-Cost Part Of Town

If you live in an affluent area, you might have noticed that supermarket prices are often higher than in lower-cost parts of your city -- and the same pricing approach can hold true in the world of self-storage. You can often pay less for your monthly storage bill by visiting a lower-cost part of town and checking the rates. Provided you can still get to the area in a reasonable amount of time, this can be a viable way to save money.