Moving Tips For Seniors

If you are tasked with moving and might not be in as good of physical shape as you once were, there is hope. Don't try to push yourself when it comes to moving if you are in your golden years, especially if this might be a long distance move. Here are four tips for seniors who are tasked with moving to a new home.

1. Hire on Professional Movers

If you have always handled moving on your own, it might be time to hang up this badge of pride and hire on professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you. The last thing you want to do is pull your back or exacerbate a preexisting condition. Hiring on movers that can take on the more physical elements of moving will free up your time for packing and settling into your new space.

2. Be Realistic About Downsizing

If your move is in conjunction with moving into a smaller home, don't convince yourself that everything will fit in your new smaller space. It won't be worth it to try to bring along everything and then have to get rid of things on the other end. Make sure to measure your new place so you know which furnishings will fit and start downsizing your things before you even move.

3. Hire on a Professional Organizer

If you just aren't sure where to begin when it comes to packing and clearing out clutter, hiring on a professional organizer can save your time and decision making. If you haven't moved in years, it might be hard to know where to begin. Bring in help to decide what necessities you will need in your new home and what items it might be time to let go of. Organizers can help you assess your needs, quickly move through items, and efficiently pack your belongings for a move.

4. Have Charities Come to You

If you have been able to successfully purge your belongings and have quite a bit of things you would like to give away, don't burden yourself by packing these up and bringing to a donation center. Plenty of local charities can schedule pick ups and can come to you for this service. Be sure to call ahead as they might need a few weeks to schedule a window to come by and pick up your donation.

Don't hurt or overextend yourself during a move. If you are older or have physical limitations, hire on services to make your move more efficient. Save your energy for more fun parts of a move such as decorating your new space. Call a company like Men On The Move to get started.