Keep Your Storage Secure With The Right Type Of Lock

When it comes to the security of a storage unit, one of the most important factors is the lock. It doesn't matter how well-maintained or secure the storage facility is; if you fail to install an appropriate lock for your unit, you could be putting your belongings at risk.

Disc Locks

One of the more popular storage unit locks are disc locks. This option is sometimes considered the most secure option. One of the factors that make a disc lock so secure is the fact that the lock's hasp, the hinged fastener responsible for opening and closing the lock, is located on the inside. This means that a hammer or other hard device can't be used to break the lock.

Additionally, because of the location of the hasp, bolt cutters can't even be used to break the lock. Even the task of picking this style of lock takes a lot of effort because pieces of the metal have to be ground off, which can help deter thieves, since this would be both a long and noisy process.


Another popular storage unit lock style is the padlock. For the most part, it's best to avoid this option. While you can use it to secure items within the storage unit, it's not as wise a choice as an external lock. The primary problem with padlocks is that they can actually be re-keyed without ever removing the lock.

A skilled criminal may be able to remove the lock cylinder from the unit, take it to a nearby locksmith and have it re-keyed to gain access to your unit. This can be especially dangerous, because if there aren't any signs of forced entry after a break-in, the insurance company could deny your claim.  

Key-less Locks

The emergence of new technology has brought forth security advances like key-less locks. As the name suggests, key-less locks can be operated without the use of a key. Generally, they function by a user-generated code. For the most part, this type of lock is secure.

The only real concern is someone being able to guess your pass-code. If you're trying to keep an ex-spouse, family member or someone else close to you out of the unit, it might be easy for them to learn your code. Make sure you are creating an access code that isn't similar to any of the other ones you use.

Keeping a storage unit secure takes an effort on the part of the storage facility as well as the tenant. Choosing an appropriate style of lock is one of the best ways to do your part. Contact a facility like Arctic Self Storage for more help.